Leather Seals Available From Orinoco Bearings Ltd. Leeds, England

Leather Seals From Orinoco Bearings Ltd. Leeds, England


Despite being an old fashioned material, many water pumps and Hydraulic units still use leather seals and Cup Seals.  We are able to offer a service to make these items for you, to your required size.

Leather Seals Available From Orinoco Bearings Ltd.

Dimensions:  It would be helpful to have the metalwork sizes available when you get in touch, leather seals often swell in oil, therefore the metalwork will give the true size of the seals you require.

Why Leather Seals?

Despite 100 years of technological advancesno one has developed a synthetic material that has the attributes of leather. Leather is tough, pliable, and wear resistant, unaffected by cold, enabling it to withstand high pressure at low temperature.
Leather seals, such as cups, flanges and u-packings take on the shape they need in order to seal. If you've got a little bit of wear, or you're a bit out of true, leather is going to fill the voids whereas the rubber or plastic cannot. They just are not flexible enough.

Preparation of leather seals:

Before fitment of leather seals a little preparation will help get the best results.

  1. If there is any corrosion or light rust on the metal casing of the seal this should be removed with fine emery cloth or wire wool.
  2. If the leather is coated in a protective coating of grease this should be removed with white spirit.
  3. Soak the seal for at least 24 hours in oil in a warm place.
  4. Drain excess oil from the seal before fitment.

Leather Seals


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